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About Banksy 360°

Banksy 360°: The World’s Most Elusive Street Artist is an unauthorized immersive exhibit created in collaboration with Bristol, England-based author Marc Leverton. Marc wrote the book Banksy: Myths and Legends and is a Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University.

Banksy 360° debuts a brand new imaginative and immersive art experience. Using cutting-edge projection technology crafted by renowned audiovisual designers, Banksy 360° creates an engaging journey into the work of one of the world’s most notorious graffiti artists. 

See over 50 of Banksy’s works come alive across multi-media surfaces, and every detail is maximized allowing participants to be surrounded by moving images of the artist’s work and influences.

50 Works of Art

50 works of art

Dynamic and Immersive

Dynamic and Immersive